Instant photogenic look from Dior
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Sep 25, 2014

Dior invented the selfie-friend foundation! One of the world's largest fashion houses came up with a new foundation and concealer family, especially for selfie-making. It glitters where it has to and helps to stay matte at the points where you need to be matte to feel perfect.

Dior has the solution to the problem of the 21st century’s girls, who always want to look perfect without spending hours applying their make-up on or waste time with Photoshop. The only thing you need is: a selfie specific makeup!

The latest miracle of beauty industry, the Diorskin Star foundation is designed to use the light to highlight our cheekbones and eye area, but at the same time, fade wrinkles and redness of the skin. It was inspired by the techniques used in photography, the ‘Light Pulsion’ technology in Diorskin Star works like a camera diffusion filter.

This product is the fruit of hard work: a survey by Dior showed that women between 25 and 44 were dissatisfied with their skin when they looked back their pictures. Almost 70% felt that their skin is too pale, sometimes undesirably red, or – as the curse of the three dimensions - covered with disadvantageous shadows. But we all expect our foundation to show our face skin perfect on the selfies and party photos.

The scientists needed 2 years to develop the perfect formula with intelligent pigments, but it was worth the effort. These intelligent pigments are responsible for the distribution of matte and glossy areas on our face to look perfect. And actually 42% of women became more confident and satisfied after they applied the Diorskin Star Foundation - reported the Telegraph. Due to the 'Diorskin Star' diffuses the bright light on the skin with the help of the small titanium pieces in it, the light will be even on your face skin and you will absolutely shine on the photos.

The international make-up artist Carlos Ferraz, whose clients include Kate Beckinsale or Mila Kunis said: "We now live in a digital age and, as everyone is a photographer, it’s important our make-up is camera ready. Diorskin Star is perfect for bringing a good coverage with dewy, luminous and healthy looking skin.”

And the fact is: the campaign's face, Natalie Portman is the perfect choice if we want to present the beautiful skin. If the result is similar to her glowing skin at the end, the Diorskin Star is really worth its price.

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