Spend your last free days in Budapest!
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Oct 16, 2014

The Hungarian capital has many aspects of being popular destination: the spas, the historic atmosphere or the festivals are all reasons for a visit. Now we’ve examined Budapest’s tourism from a specific point of view: the bachelor's perspective.

Budapest is a great venue for a last libertine weekend, and we’re not the only one thinking that: on the Daily Mail top list we became the fifth most attractive European destination for having a bachelor party after Bratislava, Dublin, Tallinn and Barcelona.

photo: gyogyvizek.hu

The Hungarian stag party is so popular, that a whole industry deals with the crowd of nubile men, the largest agencies can take up 70 to 100 groups in a weekend. Between the offers there are classic bachelor programs, including adult programs as well, such as a strip club, casino night or drinking on the beerbike, but you can find things that have never come to your mind before.

On an average stag weekend guys come to town with limousine transfer from the airport, for example with Hummer Daddy, the biggest Hummer ever. The average procedure of the bachelor parties in Budapest is the next: on the day of arrival organizers show the most popular bars, clubs and ruin pubs.


The next day they go to boyish programs, which may be paintball or go-karts, but also shooting. This last one is located in an underground bunker, where anyone can try guns which you otherwise only can see on TV and which are illegal in many other European countries, as e.g. Colt KingCobra, Magnum and a lot of other famous guns. But first an ex-police officer instructor will make sure everyone knows all necessary informations needed for the safe use. Finally, a little thermal bath relaxation can be fit into the program.


Most of the special programs are speed and vehicle based. For speed fans some agencies organizes racing & driving activities with Trabant (a classic two-stroke engined, uncomfortable Eastern-German brand from the communist era), BMW M3, Quad, or even with a tank: a Tiger I. 30 ton 500 hp tank or a stronger T-55A. Or, rising from the ground you can participate on a breathtaking flight above Budapest with Hot Air Balloon, Helicopter, Aero Sailplane or double-decker Airplane.

And if you’re getting hungry, do not miss the classic Stag Dinner with "goulash", "lecso" or "pálinka, the Wine tasting, or the Medieval Banquet with 15th century costumes, swords and shields, huge plates of meat, garnish, strudel and unlimited consumption of beer, wine and soft drinks.


Although we don’t advise anyone to try to relive any part of the film Hangover, but any combination of the programs above are unforgettable, and available in various packages. Just google the words bachelor and Budapest and come visit us!

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