Movie in bed, with pillows
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Nov 7, 2014

New cinema opens in Budapest! The essence of Bed Cinema is the crossing of usual and unusual: the home-like environment and the huge movie screen unreachable at home. 

You may have heard about an event a few years ago at the Parisian music hall, Olympia, when it has been filled with Ikea beds to promote the Swedish company’s new line-up of mattresses. A small group of lucky people had the chance to come and roll around in style while watching movies on the big screen. Now this idea has been developed further in Budapest.

Europe’s second Bed cinema opens in Budapest on November 21 with 1 billion HUF investments. The project has been created in a shopping center’s cinema closed for 10 years, and with the refurbishment not only the cinema, but a public entertainment complex is also opening.

At the Bed Cinema, the spectators can follow the stories lying on comfortable beds, with pillows under their heads. It will have a real home cinema feeling: visitors have to take off their shoes, and even if a blanket doesn’t come with the price, but two pillows do. And the dangers are similar too to the home TV experience: it’s easy to fall asleep in such a comfortable environment.


The Bed Cinema opening in Budapest is the second in Europe: A similar room operates in London, although there only the first two rows are from comfortable beds, the other part consists of traditional chair arrangement. In the world altogether works a total of 5 bed cinemas, outside of London in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. These rooms are settled with mostly with armchairs or sofas, sometimes with complete beds, but there are places, where only a few cushions come with the price.

The Buda Bed Cinema, however won’t have any chairs, the Hungarian concept has strict adherence to the concept of bed cinema: in this special cinema hall 35 double beds will be situated, and the movie tickets cost HUF 5000-6000 for two (a.k.a. one double bed). As the organizers revealed: “ The point of the Bed cinema is not watching films lying down, but the relaxed, comfortable environment, our legs tucked under us, just like at home "

In the new cinema no premiere movies will be screened in the first place, rather proven classics. The early afternoon broadcast will be for youth and family films, comedies and dramas come in the evening, and the late-night movie screenings will mostly consist of horrors.

The new gastronomic and entertainment center will bear the name Buda Entertainment and Gastro. Here, in addition to the movie, a variety of restaurants, bars and even a whole art and craft street will take place, where young artists can exhibit their works, and will also be a private room, to promote the Hungarian folklore.

Although there are concerns that overheated lovers may not use these beds for the original goal, but in any case, we are looking forward to the opening!

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