When Dolce meets conquistador Cortez
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Nov 18, 2014

Dolce and Gabbana gave new meaning to Cinderella’s Little Glass Slipper and the matador look

The newest, spring-summer 2015 collection of the Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana is inspired by Spain’s occupation of Sicily and surpasses the imagination. The Spanish-themed collection named „Spanish influence in Sicily between 1576 and 1713” brought to life a world that we couldn’t even dream of before.

Spring 2015 is a lavish celebration of heritage style both in the use of the materials and the patterns that appear in each clothes and accessories. At the breathtaking trunkshow, the runway transformed into a spellbinding corridor overrun by an army of matador models in case of the men collection, while women glittered as 16-18th century noblewoman during the night. These rare couture-worthy pieces in rich toreador reds, exquisite lace, and ornate jewels beautifully embody the posy “dressed to kill”.


Beyond the golden brocades we show you another subtle detail, our favorite piece: the glass heel coming up with an artwork. The glass heel of this special black T-Strap shoe is fully operational, and although it looks more like a show piece, yet wearable. This amazing creation blurs the boundaries between art and shoes, so it can be stated that this typical piece of spring collection 2015 of Dolce & Gabbana designed by Mary Jane opens up new horizons in shoe design.


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