Spring has arrived to Furla
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Mar 18, 2014

Urban elegance is the keyword for Furla’s new, 2014 spring/summer collection. Well, the Italian brand never disappoints us, but this time it is simply love what we feel for the pieces of the collection. The bags are a perfect combination of classic lines, fresh colors and premium quality materials. In other words it is 100% Italian. You will find all sizes from a pretty little clutch to a shopper bag and all colors from the simple black to the cheerful yellow.  Wear them on your shoulder or hold them in your hand, they will surely give a final touch to your outfit.

Don’t forget about Furla if you prefer the less classic stuff either. What makes Furla’s collections a little bit playful are always the Candy bags. The Candy bags are known for their vivid colors and their perfect mixture of unique, bohemian, but still classy style. These popular pieces remind us of the care-free summer holidays of our childhood because of their special transparent rubber material. Our absolute favourite Candy this time is the Crystal. With its clearness and crystal like texture it is funny, unique, but still very stylish. It can be a perfect choice for a floppy, sporty outfit, but feel free to wear it with your more elegant set as well. It will surely add a little plus to your guise.

Not just its exciting athomsphere the reason why love Furla even more this season, but also because Hungarian top fashion photographer, Márton Perlaki shot the campaign photos of the brand. Beautiful French topmodel, Maud Le Fort was a perfect choice to advertise Furla’s philosophy of the metropolitan, unfaltering woman, who is still very refined. Aren’t these photos just perfect?

Visit the store in the beautiful Fashion Street in the heart of Budapest and experience the touch of spring with Furla.

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