10 tips for changing to a healthier lifestyle
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 18, 2014

Spring is the ideal season to start a diet or a new sport. But if you need a change that lasts it’s time to think big: let’s change for a healthier lifestyle. It’s not that complicated – you can do it. Here are 10 tips to help you.

Strict diet for two days, suffering in the gym for two hours and you feel that you can’t make it so you give up. Again. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Maybe you just need some advice and time to think over what you need and what you should do for that. Here are 10 tips to help you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle and the best shape of your life.

1. Select a goal

If you have a goal, it will motivate you every day. Try to select a real goal, something you would like to achieve in a reasonable time. For example, if you have a friend who will have a wedding this summer, you can see that you have at least three months to get in a better shape.

2. Say no to a sudden change

Remember that you should give time to yourself for the change so say no for the sudden changes like cutting out carbs from your diet from one day to another or running the marathon in a week. These things never work for a long time. But if you start with reducing carbs or jogging five minutes more in one or two days, it will be much better.

3. The “magical” 30 days...

They say that you can follow a new habit for 21 – 30 days so why don’t you choose something healthy? For example having breakfast or walking one or two bus stops instead of taking the bus or the tram.

4. How to start?

Sit down and think a little bit about yourself and your routine. Where could you start changing for your health? What do you want most? Eating healthier, stick to exercise or reduce stress? Choose one thing and concentrate on it first. When it already fits in your life you can choose another important change and focus on that.

5. Clean your fridge

Open your fridge and take a look at the food you eat. Don’t judge yourself and don’t be rude with yourself if you find some unhealthy food. Just take it, throw it out and buy healthier food instead, for example lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid white food, for example white bread, white rice and white sugar. Choose brown alternatives instead: brown bread, brown rice and brown sugar. You will see in a couple of days that you feel better and you will have more energy.

6. Main deals and healthy snacks

Your body needs nourishment for “working” so you should eat in every three or four hours. Don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if you feel hungry between the meals you can choose some healthy snack instead of chocolate chip cookies. Drink a smoothie or have a handful of almonds with an apple. You will feel full and that will last for hours.

7. Enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities

Spring is here so you don’t have to go to a gym if you don’t want to. There are so many outdoor activities you can choose from, for example you can go for a long walk in the city of Budapest or Szentendre, or hire a bike, or hike in the mountains of Buda.

8. Commit yourself

If you have a list or a small written promise to yourself about your goals then you will have more motivation to reach what you would like to. Put these written words to your shelf, fridge, or to a place where you will always see it. Besides, try to find one or two people who know your goals and who can motivate you regularly. Talk about your plans with your sister, mum, boss or best friend twice a week. It will help you to see the right steps on the road and will keep you motivated.

9. Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a well-done job. For example, after hitting the gym four times a week or cutting back carbs for two weeks, you should be nice to yourself. What about a luxurious bath or a massage?

10. Don’t give up

Remember, there are always obstacles on the way but don’t give up. Have your goal in mind and stay positive. People with a positive attitude are more likely to reach their goals and studies have found that they suffer less from conditions such as a heart disease. So by staying positive, you are not only doing a lot for your goals but for your health, as well.

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