Delicious detox
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Feb 13, 2015

We can hardly wait spring, the season of fruits and vegetables, not to mention the end of this sad period full of diseases. As the closure of winter we show some clever ideas that helps shake up our body and look forward the hot weather in good form.

One of the best ways to bring the best out of ourselves is a detox cure, be it a one-day program or the 2-3 day long version. It’s not even a recent fad: healthy detox treatment began to conquer the world at the beginning of the 20th century by a German doctor, Otto Buchinger.

Nowadays detoxicating is such a fashion that we can choose between countless prefabricated detoxifying drink in the pharmacies or health stores. These, however, have unacceptably bad taste and it’s really boring and demotivating to drink the same slop day after day. (My personal record was 3 meals with these products. After that, the cholesterol poisoning seemed much more appealing than one more carrot-beetroot juice.)

But the juices that became very popular lately can give new hope to people like me: due to the dense texture, it provides food-feeling, they are much stodgier than a juice, and taste incomparably better than the medical ones.

Encouraged by these I decided to make a last attempt to detoxicate my body. As a first step, I asked for advice from Mia Conyers, the owner of The Juice Shop. I learned that the daily 2 liters of dense juice is not enough, but the adequate quantity and quality of the fluid intake is super important. Think about it: the juices replace the meal, not the fluid: we must drink at least 3 liters a day beside juices, preferably filtered water or herbal tea.

It is also important - and many people spoil it – that we shouldn’t starve ourselves during the detox treatment. The necessary nutrient intake (1000-1200 calories) should be consumed even on these days. If not, then

a) we can’t go through that 2 or 3 days,

b) or if we can make it, we’re going to fly at a big steak and eat ourselves sick at the first opportunity.

Yet, - and I know this also from Mia – the gradation is important. 2 days before the detox we should rather eat lighter meals without meat, and the 2 days after we also have to get used to the everyday nourishment gradually. But a juice day make positive impact on the whole body and it also contributes to the development of our intellectual abilities. The experts can mix an effective cocktail for everything using the vitamins and trace elements in fruits and vegetables.

You have specific problems? Want to lose weight, or become more beautiful? Feel the flu coming, but couldn’t tolerate the taste of ginger? In The Juice Shop they solve everything; at least I can’t outfox them yet.

For example, there is a full-day detox offer, the "detox cleanse program," which includes five glasses of juice per day: 5 vitamin bombs in 5 different flavors, from different fruits and vegetables. Which makes them really unique is that each drink is improved with a special powder: chlorella, spirulina, chiaseed, hemp seed or maca powder are in the beverages for the maximum effect. In case of the whole day pack, we have to submit our order previous evening, so a true personalized juice collection can be born next morning.

Until now I’ve only changed my dinner to a smoothie ("Super power": banana, orange juice, ginger, frozen strawberries - and only 248.6 kcal. Yummy…), but a whole day of juice and smoothie begins to seem very attractive. I’ll taste the "Algae" one next (banana, apple, nectarine, pineapple juice, chlorella, spirulina) and maybe take Mia’s advice and give my body a day to relax and focus on other important things than digestion.

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