Beyond the imagination
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Mar 10, 2015

Koenigsegg, the Swedish manufacturer of hyper-cars unveiled the new super cars Agera RS and Regera on Geneva International Motor Show 2015.

And with that they flashed the flame up in every car geek millionaire's eyes: the small firm’s luxury wonder cars make all our dreams come true. Regera is the first hybrid car in the Swedish manufacturer's history, but to be fair, it’s way more than just a “car”. In Regera 4 motors take care of the propulsion: one V8 and three electric motors (two at the rear wheels and one on the main shaft).

Performance figures are impressive: the combined total capacity of Regera is around 1.500 horsepower, which is by far the most powerful series-produced car that has ever existed. By comparison: one of the most brutal dream cars of all time, the amazing Ferrari F40 has only 478 horsepower. That is less than a third of that.

And of course, everything is carbon-fiber plastic, and there is no transmission but a patented torque converter system called Direct Drive Koenigsegg. Regera reaches the maximum speed, 399 km/h in twenty seconds and only eighty will be made of it.

The factory manufactures really limited series products: they handed over the 150th car recently, which is a great milestone for such a small company. If you took a liking or just are a masochist person, check out the further details at But one more thing: it costs 1.8 million euro.

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