Veli Bej Bath
Posted by Mia Balogh · May 27, 2015

Would you like to visit a Hungarian bath, where history and Turkish heritage combine with all the advantages of a modern spa and wellness? Then don’t miss Veli Bej Bath, the oldest and largest Turkish bath in Budapest and in Central Europe.

Hungary was known for its thermal springs already in the medieval times, so there were many baths built near these springs to use the water for cleaning, healing and relaxing by the guests coming here.

There were many baths built in Budapest, as well, for example Király, Rudas and Veli Bej Bath during the Turkish times. The Turks had (and still have) a well-known bath culture, so it is not a wonder that they established several baths in Budapest, as well.

Veli Bej Bath was built by Sokollu Mustafa pasha in 1574-1575. They say that is was - and still is - the oldest, largest and the most beautiful Turkish bath in Budapest, and also in Central Europe. The building survived the recapture of Buda in 1686. In 1806, the bath became the property of the Ordo Hospitalarius (Irgalmasrendi Hospital), that expanded on the original Turkish buildings.

We have already mentioned its beauty, and we have to add that it comes partly from its historic heritage, partly from its modernity, and partly from the union of both things. The renovation of the bath started in the 19th century, it was enlarged then.

The last renovation of the Veli Bej finished in 2011, and since then, guest can use the five Turkish pools with different water temperatures, and the brand new wellness department, with a jacuzzi, two steam chambers, Finnish and infra saunas, massage showers, Jacuzzia Kneipp walk pool, swimming pool, and various massages.

You can ask for a massage every day in the bath, and there are usually some discounts, as well – you can get more information at the massage room, or by checking regularly Veli Bej Bath’s Facebook page. The prices of the different massages are the following: 15 minutes – 1990 HUF, 30 minutes – 3490 HUF, 45 minutes – 4990 HUF, 60 minutes – 6390 HUF and 90 minutes – 8990 HUF.

In the café of the bath you can have coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water and also sandwiches, baguettes, cakes at reasonable prices. If you would like to go to another café or restaurant, you will find some near the bath, after leaving it.

Tickets for adults cost 2800 FUF, it makes possible to use the bath for 3 hours. If you arrive by car, you can leave it in their parking lot.

For more information, please contact the bath via e-mail:

Opening hours: 6-12 am and 15-21 pm every day.

Address: 2nd district, Árpád fejedelem útja 7.

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