Kertmozi, Budapest’s biggest open-air cinema has opened
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 13, 2015

“Kert” means garden, “mozi” means cinema – the recently opened place Kertmozi guarantees you both and much more, every Tuesday on the golf course of Shipyard Island (Hajógyári Island).

A lot of locals and tourists thought that there is a lack of really good and spacious outdoor cinemas in Budapest, but there are some changes in this situation now: Kertmozi has opened on 30 June on the golf course of Shipyard Island (Hajógyári Island), and provides of course a good film for every occasion, food, drink and the possibility to stay there after the movie for a party.

The cinema has opened with the iconic Hungarian production called “Indul a bakterház”, at 9pm on 30 June. The first guests could arrive already from 8pm and choose some of the best places with their lawn chairs or blankets. If you plan to visit Kertmozi, but you would like to arrive without all this equipment, you also have the chance to take a blanket there for a deposit.


One ticket costs 2000 forints which is a little bit more than in a “normal” cinema but you get free popcorn, too, which is given to you right after you have bought your ticket so the entry card is worth the price.

The recently opened outdoor cinema can be ideal for you if you like watching movies under the stars, while enjoying not only the romantic atmosphere but nice food and for example a nice “fröccs” (some red or rosé wine with soda water). If you arrive with family, Kertmozi can be a good choice for them, too, because children and dogs are welcome, as well, and they will love the spaciousness of the place (ideal for running and playing).

You can enjoy Tuesday evenings at the open-air cinema in the golf course called Golftanya and if you are so lucky that you can return several times during Sziget Festival, 10 to 16 August, you can do it every night because they will be open with good films for each evening. And then, you can stay here for partying, if you don’t want to go back to Sziget or to the city.

Our tip:

If you are a fan of barbecue, don’t miss the barbecue Thursdays at Golftanya. For more information and more photos check out their Facebook page.

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