Rage a great after a bad day!
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 17, 2015

We found a place, which we can’t believe to exist until now. There is a rage room called Rageroom in downtown of Budapest, where all the hidden and less hidden aggressions can be deduced – with provided tools.

Tension can cause massive damage, either you keep in yourself or volley on someone close to you. Are you angry? Throw a plate against the wall! The internet was slow again? Crush a computer into pieces! We have the perfect place: some genius created the Rageroom to do that. And to publicly fight against the "inadequately relieved stress" and of course enjoy ourselves.

In Rageroom that offers alternative forms of recovery, everyone can find programs to their liking: stress relief seekers, groups of friend, business teams… they are all welcome. The service is based on three pillars: fun, privacy and team building. The privacy service is intended for people who live under a lot of pressure and are looking for alternative release options. The fun target audience is people wishing to relax: Rageroom is excellent venue for bachelor and bachelorette parties or birthdays as well. Team-building programs are elaborated games to help colleagues to be better attuned to each other.


There are similar locations abroad such as in Berlin, London, Dallas, but in Hungary we can only have a good raging at MÜSZI. We can choose thematic packages during the prior registration:

ANGRY HOUSEWIFE is for all who got tired of being an appropriate housewife or just simply curious about trying out a plate breaking movie scene.

BAD PARTY: Have you ever imagine how it would be to break all the bottles, glasses at the end of a house party and to leave everything there? Now you can do it, they do the rest.

PAINT THE ENEMY: Throw painted balloons onto your enemy. It can be red, green, blue or yellow, the most colorful it is the best. It will be waiting for you here. Bring your friends with you to get the feeling boosted.

STRESSED MANAGER: Do you spend too much time in the office? Are you bored of technology getting crazy always at the worst time? Would you mostly love to hit the keyboard with baseball bat? Register and here it goes.

They get the stuffs from friends, house-clearances and sales, and provide helmets and overalls to the fury. And if we e-mail a picture about the hated person or object, they post it on the wall as target. Put the crushing metal playlist, known as "raving Playlist" on and stress relieving starts. It’s not the same experience as if we would crush from the bottom of the heart, due to the particular moment, but it’s pretty cool either way.

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