Picnic for city dwellers and adventurers
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jul 31, 2015

Picnic has some romantic, sweet and lovely overtones that make people sticking a basket and run to enjoy nature. Or not? If the former suggestion fills you with horror mixed dread, and a first date picnic would be the last one with you, don’t close this page even then. We know a few urban picnic spots compatible with stiletto heels. Either way, it worth continue to scroll.

Cultivated ones:

If it is important to spread your blanket over soft, lush grass, where it’s 100% sure that you won’t step into poo and where regularly emptied dustbins are close, then these places are meant for you. We won’t detail Kopaszi dam and Margaret Island, because they are familiar to everyone, but we have four more tips, where it’s allowed to step on the grass.

Szent István Park

This fenced-in park with park guards is one pride of the Pest side, where you can find playground, fabulous rose specialties, beautiful green grass and fountains. All this is just a short hop to the Nyugati Railway Station and the Jászai Mari Square, the busy city center.


Olimpia Park

It’s not enough that we can sit on the fluffy grass, that the sight of the Danube and the Buda side is impressive, that we can eat our lunch next to well-kept flower beds, but there is also a restroom in the park to wash our hands. Oh, and thirst can be extinguished by the water fountain. And all this in neighborhood of the Parliament, so who could ask for more?


Millenáris Park:

As the Millenáris Park is 5 minutes away from the Széll Kálmán Square, there’s no problem at all, if a spontaneous picnic-situation emerge: you can buy everything in one of the nearby shops. There are several music, crafts and cultural programs in the park, so it’s the perfect target for a little recreation, if the culture is just as important as the picnic itself.


The Garden of Philosophy

The Garden of Philosophy is an easily accessible, yet secret and rarely visited place on the Gellért Hill. The name comes from the therein statue group of philosophers, but it’s not the main reason of being the perfect place for a big city picnic. Rather the large places, the beautiful view, and the benches overlooking toward the city.


Wild ones:

If you are wishing the real wild romance, cuddling in the middle of nowhere, Budapest (or its agglomeration) also offers great opportunities.

Anna meadow

The Anna-meadow is one of the most popular spots in the Buda Hills that is located between Normafa and the top station of the chairlift. It’s the perfect place if you like intimacy, because we surely won’t bump into anyone, outside some hikers. But the opportunities are even more than just a snack, wine and blanket: worth seeing the nearby Szarvas („deer”) fountain, which is said to be the riffle of the deer in the wildlife park of King Matthias.


Árpád lookout tower

Primarily hikers visit the stone lookout tower at the top of Rózsadomb, but it’s perfectly suitable for picnics as well. In fact, there are wooden picnic tables and fireplaces for cauldron, so you can even spend the whole day here without getting bored.


Pilis - The Buda hills

We can get to the only waterfall of the Buda hills and Rózsika spring with a pleasant walk along Paprikás creek. Although it’s not drinking water, but the lawn is a great place for a picnic or barbecue. And after a short rest, go to the Szarka castle to admire the surrounding mountains.


Naplás Lake

Naplás Lake, Budapest’s largest still water is nestled in the XVI. district. It’s a real gem of the city where you won’t see garbage thrown away or bench damaged. Nature trail, fire places, resting places and a large meadow is located around the lake, and the whole area is a nature conservation area with many animal species and flowers.

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