Apple lifestyle 2015 fall
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Sep 18, 2015

This autumn has some unprecedented excitements for Apple fans. IPhone 6S, new iPad, and iOS 9 are coming, and the best: the company has teamed up with Hermès!

Apple's new products always fill us with craving, and now we don’t even know what to wish from this huge offer. So we collected everything, which would be very welcome if a good fairy accidentally showed up.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

6S and 6S Plus are way better than the well-known iPhone 6: they have faster LTE and faster Wi Fi, can make 12MP picture photos and 4K videos, and introduces the next generation of Multi Touch: 3D Touch. And it’s more thief-proof, than its ancestors with the highly advanced fingerprint sensor. 6S has double size memory: 2 GB. Even so, it’s a bit shocking that a record number of pre-orders are registered for iPhone 6S: over 10 million. Will be released on September 25.

iPad Pro

The second thing on our imaginary wish list is the new iPad Pro 4 GB RAM, since Apple has doubled the iPad's memory! With this improvement, iPad has reached the level of the entry-level MacBook and we want it so bad! We don’t even mention the delights as the Apple Pencil or the new Smart Keyboard yet, because the new iPod Pro will be available only from November.

New lightning-docks

Apple introduced the new iPhone docks as an accessory for the new iPhone and Apple Watch series. They fit better to the current product base, both in its color and material usage, and they are simply beautiful. We can buy the new – metal! - dock in silver, astro gray, gold and rose gold colors so they can be true ornaments of the room.

Apple watch

And while we're at: new straps and design are coming for Apple Watches, for both the sport and elegant version. But before you continue to read, take a deep breath, because what could be the ultimate topnotch? The dream of every stylish women and men? Ready? Hermès signed a contract with Apple! They’re designing straps and Watch faces for Apple and we begin to hyperventilate. There is no cooler, more stylish, or more captivating accessory than that. Available from October 2015. We. need. one.

iOS 9

The new operating system, IOS 9 has arrived with a lot of new and useful features. These include faster response times, simpler update opportunities, better battery life and more strict data security. Thanks to the optimization of iOS 9, the operating time is increased. In addition, the size of updates reduced, notes application renewed, and Apple launched the Transit Maps with Siri integration. Overall, we can say that the new iOS 9 works proactively and makes many little things easier.

And no, there is no end to the list: rumor sais iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4 are coming this fall, as well as the upgraded Apple TV. The desktop computers will also receive a new operating system in person of OS X El Captain, while 4K Retina iMac is around the corner.

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