Floating houses on the Danube
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 5, 2015

Design, creativity, eco-friendliness and the desire of us, humans to return to a more nature-centric lifestyle – these are the things mixing in the amazing Floating House Project by Roomba Home Interior.

Nowadays, we can choose to stay in hostels, apartments, cheap or more elegant hotel rooms in Budapest, or maybe during Sziget Festival, we can stay in tents, like it is the most natural and the most acceptable thing to do with our friends. But how do you imagine the future of accommodations and homes in the Hungarian capital?

Well, we already know a really interesting, creative, spectacular and eco-friendly perspective: Roomba Home Interior has imagined some floating houses on the Danube, which could be a possibility for living similar to the floating homes in Amsterdam, but a little bit different from the already existing form.

Oszkár Vági, one of the project’s inventors and designer would like to create homes that bring us, human beings back to a more nature-centric lifestyle, and he would like to form communities where the members would like to live a different lifestyle.

Eco-friendliness is a part of it, as well. The homes (around 100-120 square-meters each) would operate with renewable energy, for example heating could function by solar energy and the water’s thermal energy. The insulation of the houses would be resolved thanks to a high-tech insulation substance, which is a Hungarian innovation.

The floating homes would be beautiful, day and night. Each one would have a closed wall on the landside, and glass walls on the riverside. Each small building would have their own terrace, and on the ground, the inhabitants of these houses could use a parking lot, a bike shed, and a selective garbage disposal together.

We like these plans but – after the memorable floods of last years – we asked the question almost immediately: what happens, if the Danube’s water level changes? This must have been an important question for the project’s inventors, too, because they would like to resolve the water level problem with the help of a raft bridge. The floating houses would connect to it, and these would move together with this pontoon bridge, following the changes of the water level.

It is amazing, isn’t it? Please share our article if you like the idea of the floating houses on the Danube.


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