The fashionista’s choice: CLICK
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 8, 2015

What is CLICK? And why are we so sure that you will like it? Click on to read our article about it and you will see.  

As a fashion addict, I know exactly how annoying can be the following situation: you spend a lot of money on clothes, jewellery, shoes, boots, bags, and you really hope that you can create a fantastic outfit for the next important occasion in your life. But, on the big day, you suddenly realise that the dress and shoes do not match the new bag you have bought or ordered via internet directly for this occasion. So you have to stay at the good old little black dress with the shoes and bag that everyone has seen a couple of times. So boring. Have you ever been in a situation like this?

If you know exactly how this feels, and you never want to feel that again, you will welcome the new CLICK bags designed by Zsuzsi Lengyel. The collection of these new accessories, already available in Zsuzsi’s shop provides you the combination of fashion, variability, spontaneity, coolness and freedom. Any of the four black leather models can be formed uniquely by every costumer at home, thanks to some colourful trapezoidal shaped appliqués. So you can buy a bag – one bag –, that you dress with the appliqués chosen according to your outfit, your mood or your sense of style. Now you only have to find the right shoes...

Did you know?

Sale isn’t over: you can still catch some items of Zsuzsi Lengyel’s summer collection for a 40-50 percent discount between 6 and 9 October.

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