The best smartwatch design from a Hungarian designer
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Apr 7, 2014

Smartwatches are not new to the world of technology, but there has been a lot of critics from the user’ side. Smartwatches until now has been put on the very same base as smartphones, the only difference was that you can actually wear them on your wrist. But the problem is, they do not serve a general taste of the public. I mean, they did not, until today.

A Hungarian designer, Gábor Balogh came up with the idea: why not pair the look of the traditional watches with the technology of smartphones. His idea has been proved terrific; it has conquered the world since. Gábor Balogh is a designer, not an engineer, thus he knows what kind of design people need. He designed a watch with the traditional looks, so his product is basically a watch that happens to be smart. He borrowed the design of Triwa’s product Havana, with the support of the manufacturer. The picture shown is only visualization, since the production has not started yet.

Gábor Balogh’s goal was to create something discrete, while using the results of nowadays’ technology. The designer said, he prefers when technology serves his needs and help his everyday life, over the kind of novelty which changes his everyday life. In order to avoid the trap of usual smartwatches, his design would not use the general touchscreen. Instead, the buttons which are there on a watch anyway, could serve as the buttons of control. When smart options aren’t needed, the watch can still stay a watch. Smart options include everything a smartphone knows, or maybe even more: from messaging, memos, navigation and heart beat rating monitor, to compass, interface, contacts updates etc.

As one of the main Hungarian news portal claims (, plenty of comments arrived to the project’s own page and most of them clearly states: Mr Balogh has finally found what people are looking for in a smartwatch.

Although him being a designer has its pros, there are still some engineering questions to be solved before production can start. Apart from that, Gábor Balogh is now only waiting for Apple or Samsung, or any other manufacturer of that kind to discover his idea. We believe that this day is not too far from now.

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