Key elements of Budapest lifestyle
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Apr 4, 2016

There are some must-have elements for the perfect Budapest-feeling.

Cobblestone streets


People say Budapest is an Eastern European Paris for good reason. One thing that always makes us feel at home is the cobblestone streets. As soon as the concrete path is over, our city begins. Budapest is literarily filled with these streets: almost the whole Buda side, the pedestrian streets of Pest, the Palace District, the area of the monuments are all covered with cobblestone… Maybe it’s not as comfortable as the concrete road, but it’s much more stylish.



I’m sure all of you heard about the Hungarian bath culture and thermal water, and I think most of you tried it if have ever been to Hungary. This is something we all proud of, and like to brag about even if someone has never been in any of the famous baths. But: we could have a relaxing/nurturing day in the hot pools whenever we’d like, and that’s enough.

Ruin pubs


Unlike the previous two, ruin pubs make the real 21st century feeling of downtown. Practically it’s impossible to walk more than 100 meters in the city center without bumping into one of them, or another catering unit: restaurant, bars, pubs, fast-food places, vending carts... they are everywhere. I think the real specialty of ruin pubs (and the key of success) is that they demonstrate the Hungarian ingenuity very well: take a run-down thing and make it cooler than anything else.

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