The best cities at Lake Balaton
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 20, 2016

You certainly heard about the Hungarian Sea, and now we show the coolest cities on the shore.


Siófok is the biggest party town near Lake Balaton, one of Hungary's most popular holiday destinations, especially among young people. It is situated on the southern lake shore and is famous for its beaches and nightlife. Siófok is one of the richest municipalities of Hungary due to tourism. Hungarians often call the town "the capital of Balaton", as it is the largest city on its shore and acts as the commercial and tourism hub of the region.



It is considered to be the capital of the Northern lake shore and is a popular yachting destination. It is also a favorite location for fishing, famous for its State Hospital for Cardiology, the Lajos Kossuth well with carbonated drinking water, and the resort house of Mór Jókai. Oh, and the cherry on top: Füred has a super cool aquapark.



A cute natural town on the Southern shore which is ideal for families and nature lovers. Zamárdi has a huge adventure park, a bobsleigh track, and the longest free beach on Lake Balaton. The „big beach” is almost 3-kilometer long, equipped with toilets and wending stalls, and it’s totally free. Moreover, Zamárdi hosts Strand Festival and Balaton Sound.


Keszthely is the largest city by the lake and one of the most important cultural, educational and economic hubs in the region. It has a beautiful castle and Keszthely is near to the famous Hévíz Lake which is the biggest thermal lake in Europe. As a result, Keszthely is very popular in winter season as well.


Tihany is on a peninsula of the same name. It is a historical district, famous for its abbey and the lavender fields. And I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tihany echo as well. It’s a beautiful hilly countryside, which is not really known for beaches, but the hiking places and beauty spots.


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