BeerSpa opened in Széchenyi bath
Posted by Budnews · Jul 19, 2016

Sounds weird, but BeerSpa, i.e. relaxation in thermal water enriched with natural beer ingredients has centuries-old tradition in Prague.

However, it’s a real novelty in Hungary, or at least it was, because from July 11 you can try this whole „bathing in beer” lifestyle in the Hungarian capital. Although the name ’BeerSpa’ is a bit misleading: there is no draft beer in the thousand-liter tubs, but they are filled with thirty-six degrees, mineral-rich water and the natural ingredients (hops, barley, malt, yeast) of beer production. They mix these raw materials and this exotic mixture results a special bath foam, which is at least as good for the body as the soul.

The positive health effects of hops and barley are well-known. Hops has sedative-hypnotic effect, barley beautifies and rejuvenates the skin, as well as brewer's yeast - which, incidentally, has a beneficial effect on the muscles and the nervous system. BeerSpa improves blood circulation, clear up the pores, helps to get rid of the stress and tension, and soften the hangover. And it’s also a part of the unique experience that you can draft unlimited amount of Czech beer for yourself, right next to the bathtub and even try traditional Hungarian aperitifs.

BeerSpa has a total of six tubs so it’s also available for bigger groups. Or romantic couples, as the tubs are designed for two people. The thing that makes Beer Spa a truly a memorable experience is the atmosphere: they pay attention to every detail. Even the lamps are modeling hop flowers! The beer adventure takes 45 minutes and you will enjoy every second! There is no cooler than this recreation!


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