Hungarian luxury
Posted by Budnews · Sep 6, 2016

These are the Hungarian fashion brands we like most! The founders-designers are real self-made man (better to say woman) who are not only super stylish, but also real role models, who build their personal brand.


Nanushka is the brand of Sandra Sándor, one of the biggest contemporary Hungarian fashion designer. The name comes from the childhood nickname Sandra by the way. Through her collection Sandra aims to combine playful cuts and lush fabrics with elegance and comfort to create collections that exude a harmony which contrasts the overwhelming noise of the big-city experience. Nanushka is fashion for the urban nomad, for those who are on the move but always at home. Though Sandra’s collections are finding new followers in every corner of the world and the brand is constantly expanding into new markets, it is still based in Budapest, where it recently opened its flagship store.



Konsanszky, the namesake label of Dora Konsánszky is one of the most significant phenomena in contemporary Hungarian fashion since its inception in 2006. Luxurious materials and tailoring techniques of the highest quality frame the designer’s dual world of both poetic French couture and delicate structuralism. Dora’s outfits radiate strength and panache, most suited for successful and dynamic personalities with sophisticated taste, evolved style infused with the need for restraint and discretion. It’s like a unique design has come into contact with real life. A Konsanszky design offers a comprehensive concept for the intelligent, autonomous woman who likes to have alternatives in her everyday life. Her outfits and accessories are available in Budapest and in several boutiques in the USA.



ABODI, the personal brand of Dora Abodi loves to create painfully beautiful things. Through its unique creativity and ultra-contemporary style, the brand rapidly seduced demanding international fashion customers. Abodi’s signature style can be defined as baroque futurism; fusing ancient and futurism, opulence mixed with rigid, robotic technology creates a new religion. But the most exciting thing about ABODI is its icon, the Twin Unisus, a mystical and powerful creature, a winged unicorn. Each collection is a new chapter in the Twin Unisus Empire saga since 2013. The brand is conscious in representing an ethical point of view in fashion, not using real fur, exotic leathers or any materials from uncontrolled origin.


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