Best clubs & pubs of Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Feb 22, 2017

Budapest Night Life Award 2017 has been announced.

Finally it turned out, which places are the best in the city. Local people of Budapest voted for their favorite night bars, taverns, pubs and clubs, and now the competition has its winners. During the voting period anyone could vote for more than 150 nominees in 12 categories. This huge number is a good indicator of the seriousness of the competition, not to mention the almost 30 thousand votes. So it is no exaggeration to say that the winners of Heineken Budapest Nightlife Award are really the best in town. Let’s see the top three in each category:

Best Party Planner

  • Next Level Budapest
  • Black Trap
  • Citymatiné

Best Festival in Budapest

  • Sziget Festival
  • Belvárosi Festival
  • Kolorádó Festival

Best Wine Bar

  • Divino
  • Kadarka
  • Dobló

Best Craft Beer pub

  • Neked csak Dezső
  • Kandalló
  • Élesztő

Best Outdoor Place

  • Budapest Park
  • Raktár Beach
  • Dürer Kert

Best Concert Venue

  • Budapest Park
  • Akvárium Klub
  • A38

Best Pub

  • Humbák Művek
  • Barhole Music
  • Telep

Best Bar

  • Raktár Bár
  • Badgirlz
  • Fröccsterasz

Best Gay-Friendly Place

  • Tütü Budapest
  • Why Not Budapest
  • Anker't

Best ruin pub

  • Fogas Ház and Kert
  • Anker't
  • Instant

Best Small Club

  • Pont
  • Raktár Klub
  • Larm

Best High Club

  • Akvárium
  • Ötkert
  • Tesla

Special awards were also awarded: Red bull’s award went to Raktár Bár for it’s great team, while the organizers of Budapest Nightlife Awards got Heinekken’s award.

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