Budapest top 10 with kids
Posted by Budnews · Mar 7, 2017


Sightseeing is never easy with small children, but we know some places and program they will adore.


  • Visit the Palace of Miracles. This place is the home of fun and education. The Center Of Scientific Wonders (that’s the official name) awaits visitors in two places with more than 100 games and installations presenting the phenomena of physics, exciting experiment presentations, spectacular 4D screening experiences, temporary exhibitions and other exciting programs.
  • Visit Miniversum, a magical mini land in Budapest. It’s a gigantic, beautifully detailed and decorated model layout, featuring many sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary, and a bit of Austria and Germany. Why travel across the country if you have the opportunity to see everything at once, right?

  • Instead of a classic bath, try Aquaworld. It’s the biggest aquapark of Budapest and they call it “Water Empire” for a good reason. The indoor waterpark offers exciting adventure and fun with 15 pools and 11 (a total of nearly 1 km long) slides both summer and winter. The place is equipped with everything: there are jacuzzis, saunas, a wave pool, a surfing pool and a playhouse as well. You can try the “walk on water“ ball, and an adventure park has been established on the lawn.

  • Your kids will love the baby animals in the 'Kindergarten' at the Budapest Zoo. A zoo is always interesting, but thanks to the developments of the past few years, Budapest Zoo became exciting than ever with many interactive programs.
  • Being at the City Park, visit Municipal Circus. The Grand Circus of Budapest is one of Europe’s oldest stone circuses. It was built in 1889 and now they have a spectacular show entitled Central European Circus Ring.
  • Explore the Buda Hills on the Children’s Railway operated by kids. It’s exactly what the name suggest: except the train driver, all of the posts are operated by children aged 10–14 under adult supervision. It is the world's largest Children's Railway which connects Széchényi-hegy and Hűvösvölgy and is 11.2 km long.

  • Take your kids on a caving adventure in one of Budapest's Caves and labyrinths. We recommended the labyrinth at Buda Castle, because they await kids with mysterious treasure game and as it’s in the Castle district, you can kill two birds with one stone.
  • Try a challenge land or the Challengeland. It’s basically a huge playground offering several zip-lines to zip through the woods, you can climb the climbing wall, explore a large underground labyrinth or go on a canopy walk. But if you fear of heights, rather wait for the kids on the ground…

  • Also try Libegő! It’s a chairlift in the outskirt of the city which connects Zugliget with János hill, the tallest of the Buda hills. From the tower on top of the hill, known as Erzsébet Lookout, one can get an imposing panoramic view of Budapest. The Chairlift’s route is 1040 m long, the height difference between the two stages are 262 m and it makes this distance it about 12 minutes. This beautiful spring weather is perfect for a little trip, don’t you think?

  • And if you get hungry, go to ZooCafé, because guess what: there is a place in the city center where you can drink your favorite latte enjoying the company of various animals: turtle, gecko, parrots, kittens…. they all come and go free. A total of 20 different species! Kids will be super enthusiastic, and don’t worry about any infection: animals are in very good conditions thanks to the strict rules.

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