These are the best hotels in Hungary
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 10, 2017


‘Hotel of the Year 2016’ awards were presented, let us tell you about the winners. 


If you visit Hungary, and – in lack of family or friends here – you check some hotels on the internet, you might be interested for the best accommodation possibilities. Let us tell you now the winners of ‘Hotel of the Year 2016’ awards, which were presented at the end of February in Budapest.

This was the fourth year that the Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants invited entries for the competition. The five-star category was won by Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa in Sárvár, which is indeed a multi-award-winning establishment, one of the best hotels in Europe.

The four-star category’s winner was Buda Castle Fashion Hotel in the capital city, while Kolping Hotel Spa & Family Resort of Alsópáhok is the best in the countryside. In the three-star hotel category, The Three Corners Hotel Art came in as a winner in 2016.

Finally, let me tell you a short personal story about the best five-star hotel, Spirit Hotel. Last year, I spent a night there with my family and well yes, we knew how beautiful and luxurious the whole facility is, but we were enchanted to see how kind the staff was. My boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter travelled with us, and after arriving, she lost her beloved plush bunny there. We knew that it must have been left in the playing room but it was already closed. She was almost crying for her bunny so I ran to the reception where two receptionists and another colleague helped us in a minute and they had some kind words to the little lady, as well ;) I said to my boyfriend then: “forget the stars, that’s what I call the best hotel”.

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