3 best things to do in Budapest at spring
Posted by Budnews · Apr 6, 2017

That’s what we call pure happiness.

Finally it’s springtime! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, happiness is in the air. In this weather, choose outdoor programs instead of visiting museums! We have some tips for that:

Public parks and gardens are finally open! In fact, they never locked up, but now flower beds have million colors and the sun hasn’t burned the grass brown yet. In addition to the cult Margaret Island try Károlyi garden, Budapest’s most beautiful hidden jewel. Only a few people know this treasure, so it has an intimate atmosphere. And it is just a stone's throw from the National Museum.

Wherever you eat or drink, choose the terrace of the place! Spring is the perfect time to do so, because there is no need for air-conditioning to relieve the unbearable heat. And if we talk about gastronomy, don’t just think about Ráday Street! Discover Tabán, the "Montmartre" of Budapest, which has lovely, last century atmosphere. And as you’re there, try Asztalka pastry shop, it’s our new favorite in the city.

Explore the Castle Garden Bazaar, one of the main works of Miklós Ybl. It has been fully renovated and saved from complete destruction 2 years ago. The monument is part of world heritage and it’s the best place to take a walk on the gloriett ramps and to enjoy the Renaissance garden. And feel free to lay down on the grass, it’s totally allowed!

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