Walk the capital city in the footsteps of world stars! The first Hungarian film-themed tourism application is here
Posted by Budnews · Nov 15, 2017

You can get to know the shooting venues of the biggest movies, and have inside information about world stars.

You don’t have to be a crazy movie fan to imagine yourself walking in the footsteps of a heroine at Montmartre ... Or to be excited when a world star shoots near your place. The newest Hungarian film app helps to find all film venues of Budapest to feel this tingling sensation. Film Destination Budapest application is available for iOS and Android, both in Hungarian and English, and we highly recommend to download. This is the first Hungarian film-themed tourism smartphone application, the most complete guide to one of the most popular film cities, Budapest. The application was developed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences based on a book about the same topic, so all the information are 100% authentic.

With this application, you can walk the city as never before, discover hidden, romantic places, unique architectural masterpieces in the capital, shopping and gastronomic opportunities that a star loved, or find out how it looked when Budapest „played” another city.

Opening the app we can start with several aspects: choose the best places, searching for a city impersonated by Budapest and, of course, we can search according to the stars and movies. But we can also read fresh film news, find nearby film-friendly places or plan a movie walk. The app has a map with all the spots where a film was shot, thus you can have a personalized film-themed city tour. If you click on the name of a city / actor / movie, then you will get all the information related to it. For example: Which is the coffee house that appeared in that Scarlet Johansson movie? Or: See? I told you that it’s the Margaret Island in the background. From now on, these questions are easily answerable.

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