New Danube bridge to be built in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Dec 21, 2017

The new bridge is planned to be ready by 2024.

Do you remember when Hungary applied for organizing Olympic Games 2024? Well, we withdrawn the application, but many parts of the original pitch will be realized anyway. For example a new bridge on the Danube at the southern part of Budapest. The new bridge called Galvani will connect the southern parts of Buda (M1/M7 introductory section) with Csepel. And it’s a big step in the city’s life, because Csepel and its surrounding have tremendous untapped potential; the area is the unexploited treasure of Budapest. The key to the rapid development of this district is the establishment of a quick and direct – currently still missing – connection with Buda and its neighboring districts. The city administration has decided to build a new 2x3-laned – including a tram way – bridge over the Danube that connects Galvani street and Illatos road (Galvani utca – Illatos út) to create a new river crossing (“New Danube Bridge”).

The need for this bridge is evidently justified by the circular and radial road network of the capital. In absence of a bridge, the previously under-utilized areas located south of the city could only develop with significant compromises. This is particularly true for the northern parts of Csepel Island, which, in spite of their remarkable features and the closeness of downtown Budapest, was not able to develop adequately up until now.

In addition to helping explore, approach and develop the relevant areas, the New Danube Bridge can bring relief to the overcrowded downtown area by removing a significant part of the traffic. Through the future extension of the route, a new ring road in Budapest can be developed, providing a direct link between Újbuda and Csepel, Ferencváros and Kispest and Kőbánya. The Government announced an international design contest to find the best plan, and so far, 17 tenders have been received from both Hungary and abroad.

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