5 best hot chocolate places in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jan 5, 2018

Who dares to say hot chocolate is boring? They sure have never been to these places.

There is nothing better on these cold, winter days than sipping a hot sweet drink that warms up our body and soul. This time we made a list about our all-time favorite hot chocolate places.


If you want to have a real chocolate experience, Ahoy! is a perfect choice. You can try banana, coconut, mint, caramel and hazel flavors - but the best is yet to come! Candy, caramel, biscuits, marshmallow or chocolate sits on the top of the whipped cream. And if you became a sinner anyway, don’t be afraid to go one step further: try out the cakes, because they also come with whipped cream and extra portion of sweetness.

Azték Choxolat

Those places that have been made of enthusiasm and love always become very popular in short time. Probably this is the reason why Azték Choxolat might have become the realm of chocolate. Their hot chocolates are made from real cocoa and melted chocolate, based on old recipe. And if you there, we highly recommend tasting their bonbons, which are always the work of Hungarian masters. In the Christmas season also try their special Christmas candies.

Rengeteg RomKafé

This place is ruin pub styled teahouse and coffee shop, which has many teddy bears on the shelves and couches. The offer of hot chocolate is really fascinating - we can choose from more than 20 varieties, thanks to the fact that imagination has no limit here. Everything gets mixed up with everything: honey, elder and ice cream; coconut, lavender and cream liqueur; salty caramel with coconut milk or rum with spicy cherries.


Budapest’s chocolate empire is - of course - also great in hot chocolate. The recipe is a secret, but we can tell you that the chocolate is constantly rotated at 60 - 70 Celsius degrees, which is a guarantee of something very good. We can get this divine drink without flavor, but it can be consumed with chili, cloves, peanut, almond, vanilla and caramel, but also as a classic hot chocolate with whipped cream and extra chocolate.

Noir Chocobar

Although Noir Chocobar has opened its doors in 2005, they needed several more years to state: this is the best, the most perfect quality they achieved, and the best for their customers. This is the first place in Hungary where the owners dared to say: hot chocolate is not real below 50% chocolate content. The selection is breathtaking: we can choose from over a hundred kinds of flavors, not to mention the various chocolate sweets.

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