Párisi udvar to be transformed completely in 2018
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 9, 2018

Paris Courtyard, or if you know the Hungarian name ‘Párisi udvar’ has already changed a lot, and that’s just the beginning of a total reconstruction. 


Paris Courtyard has an exciting history. If you are interested in architecture and/or history of the well-known buildings’ in the City of Budapest, you might already know that this edifice was Hungary’s first shopping centre, opened in 1817. Then it was transformed into a business centre with shops and residential levels.

The world wars and the Soviet era took their toll on the building; it has been neglected for several years but now it is getting a total reconstruction and will be transformed into a splendid hotel with shops.

Párisi Udvar Hotel will provide 110 guest rooms, 18 suites and two presidential suites, conference rooms, wellness facilities, restaurants and a bar. The luxury hotel will target mainly business travellers but if you would like to see the splendid interior, we are sure that you can walk in and check it out after its opening in Autumn 2018.

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