These are the winners of ‘Hotel of the Year in Hungary 2017’
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 11, 2018

Is Hungary one of your travel destinations this year? Then let us show you where to book a hotel room if you want simply the best.

For everyone’s surprise, two hotels from Eastern Hungary triumphed at the voting for ‘Hotel of the Year in 2017’. Internet users had the opportunity to choose their favourite hotels from 8 entries and vote for these accommodations for two weeks in January. The voting ended recently, and after 114 287 votes the winners are…

The first prize, so the impressive title ‘Hotel of the Year in Hungary 2017’ went to Bambara Hotel superior. It is located in Northeastern Hungary, near Eger, in the forest of Felsőtárkány. The hotel is known for its authentic African architectural style. Bambara Spa resembles a Dogon tribal village where outdoor and indoor pools, brushwood and African herbarium huts, salt spray steam cabins, driftwood saunas, a meditation centre and a mysterious cave bath can be visited by the guests of this awesome accommodation. If you are a gourmet, this will be your favourite hotel because we heard that their cuisine is legendary. ;)

The silver medal was won by Hotel Délibáb, located next to a 25-hectare-large thermal bath in Hajdúszoboszló, East Hungary. The hotel consists of three wings, and it contains the most delicate rooms, while its common rooms have an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.

The third prize went to Thermal Hotel Visegrád superior. Located at the fantastic Danube Bend near Visegrad, the hotel offers great view to the river. They can also be proud at their well-known Duna restaurant where delicious dishes and a stunning panorama of the Danube Bend await visitors. If you feel like enjoying some wellness and spa treatments, too, you can do so in the wellness centre at the hotel. It will be very refreshing and so much fun! ;)

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