The 5 best open-air concert venues in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · May 23, 2018

All summer long festival season is guaranteed!

Summer means many things, but one thing for sure: outdoor programs. We choose outdoor terraces to drink a coffee or beer, have a dinner or listen to some music. Now we’re going to talk about the latest. We’re sure you’ve heard about Budapest Park and A38 ship, but there are more interesting opportunities in the city.


You’ve probably seen this charming place on the river bank. PONTOON, the „beach of the city” is located at the north pillar of the iconic Chain bridge, and guarantees to show something new each day. The venue is not only unique by design (hammock and palm trees), but it’s full of selected music and programs, a cultural and community space, a party venue with the mission to bring the Danube closer to the people of Budapest. Enjoy the coolest drinks with the best DJs till sunset and taste this year’s novelty, the pizza baked in a wood-burning oven.


The interior courtyard of the Zichy Castle in Óbuda is a true oasis, home of good quality live music. They have strong alternative and Hungarian folk music offer, but during the spring-summer season, fans of all genres can find a program suitable for their taste from jazz, blues to world music. In addition to concerts, open air cinema and dance houses are held regularly. The name comes from a special dish: bun with sausage, ham, garlic sour cream, tomato sauce and cucumber. Everyone should taste it with a Hungarian Spritz!


This is the latest venue on the list, opened in May 2018, but this does not detract from its value at all. The former harbor area south of the Rákóczi Square is a place for art festivals and cultural events from May 1 through 5 months, including workshops, community programs, children and sport programs, summer universities, concerts, film screenings and theater performances. You can dance in the sand, enjoy the sun with friends, meditate on the waterfront or enjoy a concert. We highly recommend trying all of them!


Barba Negra Track is the outdoor version of Barba Negra Music Club with a large and a small stage. It awaits the lovers of live music with plenty of beer taps and a sound system filling the whole place. The main profile of the place is harder rock metal - Black Stone Cherry, Stone Sour, Joe Satriani and Shinedown will all come this summer just as all major Hungarian representatives of this genre. But won’t be surprised either if coming late you find Next Level instead of hard guitar riffs!


You can find many interesting programs within the walls of a former chapel and lecture hall. Dürer Kert, one of the most characteristic clubs of Budapest has three concert halls and many beer taps, and the labyrinth arrangement immediately captivates the attention. The musical spectrum goes from rock through indie and hip-hop to various electro trends, welcoming on stage all the cool productions, cult figures and fresh talents of the Hungarian and international music scenes.

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