Fortego – The photo app that helps to explore the old life of the city
Posted by Budnews · Jul 11, 2018

This application shows nearby old photos of Budapest, so we could simply compare the change of the city.

Fortepan is undeniably a real treasure: the biggest archive photo collection of Hungary has photographs from 1900 and depicts the last century of the country very well. We can search for our granny’s birthplace or dreaming about the 19th century or we can send in the wedding photos of our great-grandparents from 1920. Now Fortepan introduced an application, which made this beautiful database portable, and combined it with a map.

The app named ForteGo is a bit similar to the world-famous game, Pokemon Go. You can find all old pictures from nearby places using the map, then the app navigates to the exact location of the photo you choose, and then - if you want – you can take a new photo from the exact same spot and point of view. And, if you wish, the app makes a „before-after” photo that you can share on social media.

These pictures are perfectly able to show how much the city has changed and, secondly, if you were able to find the exact same point of view. For the time being, the app contains only the historic part of Budapest, but it still offers plenty of entertainment.

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