Budapest Transitions: where imagination meets reality
Posted by Budnews · Aug 6, 2018

Special street art exhibition opened at Citadel.

Everybody knows the main landmarks of Budapest, but these places mean different things for everybody. Four Hungarian artist now show what some places of the city remind them to. Budapest transition exhibition is about these associations, the combination of reality and imagination. Four artists re-created the well-known, but rarely-visited and photographed places that tourists may not even know. You can see the Elizabeth Lookout Tower on János Hill, the Academy of Music, Ponty Street, the Japanese Garden on Margaret Island, the biggest botanic garden, the narrowest house of the Buda quay, the iconic little princess statue on the Danube Promenade and the Memento Park. On these graphics, the imagination twisted a little on reality, but the character of the city remained recognizable. The four Hungarian illustrators show how these buildings and parks come to life in their imagination.

The original artworks are exhibited at the Citadel: if we a take a look at them we can recognize the original places, but the imagination is mixed with photographs of Barnabás "Barnie" Tóth. But if you download the Budapest Transition application, or visit their website, full graphics are revealed. The app uses augmented reality to reveal the difference, while on the website you can slide a slider and compare the imagination of the creators with the reality.

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