No more PET bottles in the Zoo! Zoo Budapest finally banned the plastic bottles
Posted by Budnews · Aug 17, 2018

Zoo Budapest has taken a serious step towards environmental protection.

One of the biggest problems of this century is the immense amount of plastic waste that slowly fills the seas and the oceans. Fortunately, more and more countries in the world put up a fight against plastic pollution in several ways. Single-use plastic bags have long been banned in many western countries, and now the attention is drawn to push back the use of plastic straws and we’re also looking for good alternatives for plastic bottles.

Zoo Budapest has now made a huge step in the field of the plastic bottles: the management has decided to ban all PET bottles from all concession stands. Of course, this does not mean that we are going to die from thirst in the zoo, but that the restaurants and shops can only sell glass bottled or canned drinks, which must be selectively collected.

"We have signed a contract with catering establishments that prohibit to sell single-use PET bottles. This decision is clearly intended to reduce the amount of plastic waste" - explained Zoltán Hanga, spokesman for Zoo Budapest. The spokesman also emphasized that, besides reducing waste, changing people’s attitude is also an important goal, and that’s why they created information leaflets on environmental issues.

The elimination of single-use plastic water bottles will have a significant, wildlife saving impact on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste. These disposable plastic bottles are produced in almost unimaginable quantities. According to an international survey, 1 million bottles are thrown into the trash world-wide in every minute, that means 20,000 plastic bottles per second. And that explains quite well the existence of the continent-sized garbage islands in the oceans….

From now on, guests have two choices when purchasing drinks at the zoo: the reusable aluminum water can, or the classis glass bottle. Or a third one, which is the best: bring your own drinking bottle and fill it from any tap in the Zoo.

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