Things to do in Budapest when the summer ends
Posted by Budnews · Sep 5, 2018

Don’t worry, the city has many opportunities to feel good.

This summer is officially over – and we’re all said about it. But we tried to find the good things in the bad and guess what: the fall is not so bad at all. We collected five things that is better to be done in the fall than in the summer.

  1. Visiting a bath. Budapest (and Hungary) is famous for its thermal baths so it would be a shame to miss them. But in the 30 Celsius degree?? It’s not so pleasant. Fortunately now, when the weather is becoming a bit colder, it can be a perfect chill day to relax in the hot pools of Gellért, Széchenyi or Rudas Bath.
  2. This weather is also better for a sightseeing tour: you won’t get a heat stroke and while the temperature is still above 10°C, and the Sun is shining quite a lot, you can take long walks in the City or at Buda Castle to discover the well-known and hidden treasures of this amazing city.
  3. If you prefer something closer to nature, you will like to enjoy the colour of the leaves in the Buda hills or choose a nice walk at Fűvészkert (botanical garden in the 8th district), Margaret Island or City Park. This time, the nature shines in thousands of colours, and it makes this city even more beautiful than usual.
  4. Autumn is the season of wine, thus you can choose from many wine festivals in the capital and nationwide. Taste the best Hungarian wines in a small family winery or visit Budapest Wine Festival but don’t miss the harvest season. And be sure to try the so-called ‘must’, which is unfermented grape juice, delicious and rich in vitamins.
  5. Wake up early and visit a local market! You can buy nice and healthy fruits, vegetables and in some markets, delicious cakes, too. This is really not an expensive experience, but a memorable adventure, for sure. Be prepared that older marketers don’t speak English, but they are very kind. If you show them what you would like to buy, they will help you in few seconds.
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