43 restaurants and bars banished plastic straws
Posted by Budnews · Sep 12, 2018

Catering facilities in Budapest became more and more environmentally conscious.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems of this century. Plastic bags are banned in several countries, and now it seems that the days of plastic straws are also counted. A long time ago, straw was a luxury item, now it comes automatically with almost every drink you buy. For the average 20-minute use, however, we pay a big price, as it decomposes in more than 500 years and does not disappear completely, only brakes into small pieces.

A Hungarian group, Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány (‘Responsible Gastro-Hero Foundation ‘) tries to raise awareness for years, not only for this problem. Now they have achieved great success: thanks to their campaign to refuse straws, 43 catering facilities in Budapest decided to ban (at least don’t automatically give) straws with drinks since August.

According to Gasztrohős' calculations, so many straws are used annually in a single average restaurant, which could fill 3 luggage bags of cabin size. Another organization, Night Mayor Budapest is working to make the city's nightlife more sustainable, so their supporters also joined the straw-free movement. From August, their guests either do not get straws at all, or receive PLA (industrially compostable) straws on request.

"According to our calculation, we can remove 160,000 straws from the trash. This means 400 kilometres of plastic per year. We hope to start a movement that will completely dump the plastic from the night in a few years.” –said Dániel G. Német to Index.

For the time being, these places have joined the initiative:

Slow Foodiez, Four Bites Catering, Kozmosz vegan restaurant, Larus restaurant, Kőleves, Yes, Chef, Doblo Wine & Bar, Pohárszék Wine & Coffee, Almalomb, Édeni vegán, Smúz – viragneked.hu, Fruccola Arany János utca, Fruccola Kristóf tér, Fruccola MOM park, Törökméz, HILDA, Mártogatós, Jardinette, Funky Pho, UrbanFood Cafe & Coworking, HelloAnyu family friendly community space, Murok cafe, Pántlika, Kéhli, Grund, Budapest Park, SzimplaKert, Szimpla Háztáji, Akvárium Klub, Kazimir, Kertem, 360 bar, Krak'n'town, LeoBudapest, KIOSK Budapest, BABEL Budapest, Jamie's Italian, Pest-Buda, 21, Pierrot, Spíler, Spíler Sanghai, Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria, Hintaló, Kék Ló, Lumen, Doblo, Ötkert, Zsiráf, Mazel Tov, Tereza, Napozó, 4BRO Downtown, Instant-Fogas, Robot, Lärm, Liebling, Pont, Frame, Pontoon, Központ, Dobrumba, Három Holló, Élesztőház, KobuciKert, BB'Z Bar and Grill and Esetleg Bisztró.

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