Have you noticed? That's why some trams of the city are smiling
Posted by Budnews · Sep 18, 2018

Combinos got red mouth as part of a charity campaign.

Have you noticed that trams 4 and 6 have cute red smile these day? Well, it’s not a prank or a joke, but Mosoly Alapítvány (Smile Foundation) and the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) launched a great new charity campaign entitled „Even the tram is smiling”. Mosoly Alapítvány has been providing free psychological assistance and therapies for seriously ill children for over 20 years, and this is their newest campaign.

During this action, passengers can support the NGO's therapeutic programs in which they help the mental recovery of children with long-lasting illness. In Hungary, the role of psychological well-being in physical healing is still not so well-known. Families go through huge traumas and crises when they find out that their children are severely ill and even the treatments cause fear in many people. The specialists of the Foundation can help children to work up these difficulties as much as possible.

The campaign lasts for a month, during which time, for example, photos show how unobtrusive the difference is between a healthy and a sick kid's smile. The smile on the trams warns us to consciously listen to each other day after day, especially to those who have something in need.

During the campaign, BKK placed plastic urns in 13 customer centres to collect donations for the Foundation.

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