Here are the best baths of Hungary in 2018
Posted by Mia Balogh · Sep 21, 2018

The biggest annual competition for Hungarian baths has ended, let’s check out the winners.

‘Bath of the Year’ is a competition organized for the fourth time in 2018. It is an online contest between baths: there are three categories, in which the organizers of the competition put the baths. It is considered how many pools they have, the size of the town or city where they are located, and how well-known the bath is. The winners of each category are voted by the public.

So this year, voting was possible from 1 June to 31 August (so basically in Summer). 200 baths were in the competition altogether – only those baths could qualify that are equipped with at least one pool that is not for swimming.

The winners

1, The title ‘Bath of the year’ in 2018 was won by Szent Erzsébet Mórahalmi Gyógyfürdő (St. Elisabeth Bath in Mórahalom). It has indoor and outdoor pools, including four with mineral or thermal water pools and 21 others dedicated for swimming and leisure. Local Erzsébet and Árpád mineral waters are excellent for treating joint pains, spine problems, muscular rheumatism and gynaecological issues.

Our tip: after having finished at the pools, the bath complex offers over 30 types of massages and other treatments you can choose from.

2, The aspiring bath of the year in 2018 is Gyopárosfürdő thermal spa, park and adventure pools complex. It is located in the Hungarian Plain at lake Gyopáros, the name comes from here. The water of the bath is good for all the patients suffering from musculoskeletal, gynaecological, urological, dermatological or neurological problems.

3, Locals’ favourite (baths in small towns, where guests can find a few pools) this year is the Tiszavasvári Strandfürdő (Lido of Tiszavasvári). It is a small complex, but guests love it because it is equipped with different pools: one has access to thermal water, one is dedicated especially for kids and one for swimmers. And the thermal water in there is rich in iodine and bromine, which is good for musculoskeletal and rheumatic problems.

Wellness, massage and a bit of adventure is also awailable here - a slide, a bouncy castle, a trampoline, a bungee trampoline and a splash can also make the lido a cool place to visit. ;)

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