Parking has never been so easy in the city centre
Posted by Budnews · Oct 2, 2018

From now on, we can find all empty parking spaces via an application.

New development has been introduced last week, that we were all waiting for so long: the app (for the time being in test mode) that facilitate downtown parking. The city administration installed sensors into the V. district parking spots and created an application that continuously shows the free parking spaces.

As the major of the district explained, 30 percent of downtown traffic consists of people who are searching for parking spaces. Approximately 6,000 questionnaires were sent out before the investment, and 42 per cent of respondents would use the application. The system will be financed from parking fees. In the testing period up to the end of the year, 135 sensors will be operating in the car parks, with the long-term goal of developing a sensor network throughout Budapest.

The parking sensors are monitoring the parking places and check whether the parking space is free or not and it would indicating the central servers. The built-in device includes a SIM card chip with a battery life of up to five years. Drivers can see free parking spaces via mobile app, which navigates them to a free parking spot on the shortest way. Moreover, we can start paying parking fees through the application, so it really solves all our parking problems.

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