8 manly things to do in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Oct 10, 2018

Beers, football, video games, and even more.

Romantic strolls in the city and take the 300th photo can be too much for a man. They’ll do it, because love us, but if you want to show, how much you care about him, take your man to a really masculine program.

Explore the ancient history of the city

Budapest has very impressive past: antiquities from the Roman Age, weapons of Conquering Age, Turkish Ruins… the city is a history book itself.

Play with the favourite video games of your childhood

There is a barely known cellar place near Liszt Ferenc square, which hides the first and only interactive video game museum of the city. It’ basically a huge kid’s room from 1992, where Mortal Combat and Super Mario is just the beginning.

Climb the wall!

It's no coincidence that "Work less climb more!" motto is so popular these days! When you’re bouldering, you really move everything in your body, your muscles are constantly burdened while you work with your own weight.

Go on a ride with the Mini Hot Rod

If your man not only can drive, but loves it, then try this new vehicle. Combining driving experience of an oldtimer and cabrio, the Mini Hot Rod was born. The 90-minute tour on the streets of Budapest is something you shouldn’t miss.

Take a beerbath!

There is a unique thermal spa in the city where they pour beer into your bathwater. More accurately, 36 degrees of thermal water is poured into the bath that has the ingredients of beer, such as malt, hops and yeast, and will have a great effect on your body. Water does not smell like beer but herbal tea, and you can be your own barman as there is a beer tap next to every bathtub.

Try out cage football

Cageball is a version of indoor soccer, the most characteristic feature of it is that it’s extraordinarily exhausting, it develops teamwork and explosiveness, and there is no way to take a break as the ball won’t fly or rolls out of the field.

Fly in the Skyward wind tunnel

You can experience weightlessness and flying under steered conditions at the southern border of Budapest. The wind tunnel is a relatively sophisticated 2000 horsepower tube, with 4 315 kilowatts of engine and propeller blowing up air to 200 km / h. The experience is super, happiness and euphoria guaranteed.

Go to a barber shop with the atmosphere of the 20’s

Hotsy Totsy is a “cave” which hides a barber shop and a bar. It recalls the New York of the 1920s (Totsy was a pretty stripper): a man's space with half-gloom, discreetly bluffing music, special cocktails, whiskeys and perfect service.

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