Railway Museum
Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · May 19, 2014

You don't have to be a railway buff to have a good time in the Hungarian Railway Museum (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park). If you want to be part of various exciting events, have some fun, have a good meal, take a peaceful stroll or take some photos, this is a place that you should visit!

The Hungarian Railway Museum (former Budapest North Depot of the Hungarian State Railways) is open for public since the summer of 2000. It is the first interactive railway museum of Europe and the biggest one in Central Europe. The park covers more than 70,000 square metres. It is supported by the Hungarian Railway Museum Foundation which was founded on November the 22nd 1999.

photo: budnews.hu

You can find here more than a hundred of railway vehicles like steam engines, diesel or electric locomotives, carriages and several special vehicles. The park is improving and expanding permanently for the visitors' pleasure!

The unique round shaped north depot built in 1911 is the home of the vintage vehicles like the old steam engine from 1870, the legendary Árpád railcar from 1934, the old GAZ-13 Chaika railcar, not to mention the restaurant car of the classic Orient Express

photo: budnews.hu

A significant part of the nostalgic stock is still in operation and in good shape thanks to the regular maintenance. How about trying them out? For example you can drive steam locos, the old Chaika railcar or you can try the simulator too! Which would you choose first?

Of course, you can meet here non-nostalgic or guest vehicles regularly even from other contries, especially at extraordinary occasions or at international events. Whatever you would like to see!

photo: vasuttortenetipark.hu

My personal favourites are the legendary NOHAB diesel locos. They were originally manufactured in Sweden in 1963-64 but their soul had become truly Hungarian. They work a lot taking vintage or special trains on long trips, pulling heavy freight trains or attending railway constructions. If you are lucky you can catch some of them resting in the yard!


Probably the most spectacular event is the annual Central European Steam Locomotive Grand Prix. This year it will be on September the 20th. Don't forget to join us! Until then come and meet us at Children's Day on May the 25th!


How about taking a ride on the garden railway? It is operating since 2006 and it has been expanded in 2010. You can easily think that this is only the favourite of children but adults are crazy about it too. Hilarious! If you like the garden railway you should take a look at the model railways too in the red post carriage.

After some fun and activities the beautiful park is ideal for some realaxation too. How about a nice refreshment or a cup of coffee in the buffet or on the terrace of the Nostalgia Café? If you are hungry Füsti Restaurant Car is waiting for you with the finest Hungarian meals!


Railway fan or not the Hungarian Railway Museum is waiting for you! All aboard!

You can easily get here by tram number 14, or you can use blue bus lines number 30, 30A or 230. Just get off at Rokolya street (Rokolya utca) and walk a few blocks east to 95 Tatai street (Tatai utca)! After the finishing of the reconstruction of railway line number 2, the park will be accesible by train getting off at Vasútmúzeum (Railway Museum) stop.

Opening hours in 2014:

1 January - 4 April: Closed

5 April– 2 November: 10am to 18pm (Outdoor activities are available: 10am to 16pm)

3 November – 31 December: Closed

Closed on Mondays

More information:



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