Eger among top 11 wine destinations in Europe
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 22, 2018

Travel website European Best Destinations shared their list of the best destinations for wine lovers in Europe. No surprise that there is also a Hungarian town on their list.

If you have already been to Hungary and/or you are a fan of good wine, you must have heard about wines of Eger. These beverages are quite good quality, some of these are award winners and rarities while some are here for us still to discover.

Travel website ‘European Best Destinations’ listed top wine destinations in Europe recently and they also highlight the wine region of Eger and more specifically, two types of wine absolutely recommended to taste if you visit this charming town – or at least Hungary. ;)

“Eger is the home of Hungary’s most famous wine route, called “The Valley of the Beautiful Lady”. It is quite unknown outside of Hungary, and this definitely gives an extra charm to it. There are about 200 authentic wine cellars in the valley engraved in rhyolite tuff caves.

Eventhough the entire place looks like a bit of a time travel to the 80s’, there are many cellars that are quite trendy in style. You find special vintages and award winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Olympics - all in a very affordable price. Do not miss the opportunity to taste these treasures, and become a self-nominated sommelier. Once being in Eger, taste “Egri Bikavér” (Bull’ Blood), which is a ruby red cuvee wine with rich aromas and “Egri Csillag” (the Star of Eger), an elegant light, emblematic, cuvee wine of the region.” – they write.

Top 11 wine destinations in Europe – the full list:

  1. Alentejo – Portugal
  2. Bordeaux – France
  3. The Douro Valley – Portugal
  4. Tuscany – Italy
  5. Champagne – France
  6. Eger – Hungary
  7. Catalonia – Spain
  8. Piedmont – Italy
  9. Rhone Valley – France
  10. Istria – Croatia
  11. Santorini – Greece


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