Budapest airport continues to expand: flydubai launches new flight
Posted by Budnews · Dec 28, 2018

That’s what we call a Christmas surprise.

Budapest airport is more and more popular and busy, and nothing proves this better than the newest discount carrier of the airport. Flydubai announced a new route from Dubai to Budapest, and the bookings are open! Flydubai is to operate the Budapest flight with the most modern Boeing 737-8MAX planes in its fleet of sixty aircraft. On the latest aircraft of flydubai, 10 business seats and 156 economy seats are offered, and the new flight will be operated between the Hungarian capital and the biggest airport of the United Arab Emirates with a daily frequency. The planned schedule (that starts new summer) is conveniently adjusted to the daily flight of Emirates, as flydubai will depart from Dubai late in the afternoon (at 17:35) to arrive in Budapest at 21:30. The aircraft is to stay here for two hours, and will depart at 23:30, to arrive at Dubai International (DXB) five and a half hours later, at 7:05 local time.

Thanks to the arrival in the morning, passengers will comfortably catch Emirates flights departing from Dubai to Australia, Thailand, Japan, and India. Flydubai also offers many transfer possibilities via its own network, as they fly to 95 destinations from Dubai, including quite a number of popular ocean-side resorts and exotic destinations in India, Pakistan, and Africa.

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