Budapest is European Capital of Sport
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 9, 2019

If you love sports, 2019 will be ideal for your next trip to Budapest.

Budapest is a unique city but this year, our beautiful capital becomes an even more special place: from 1 January, Budapest has become the European Capital of Sport. So this year, 365 sport events will be organized in the city, many of these without entrance fee. Impressive, right? ;)

The first sport event of the year was a huge skating party at the City Park Ice Rink, where children and grownups could use the rink for reduced prices: for the kids, the entrance fee was 500HUF while for the grownups, it costed 1000HUF.

Did you know?

70 percent of the Hungarian population is inactive, therefore, the main aim of this event series is to get people moving, and inspiring them by presenting various kinds of sport.

So if you love sports, it’s high time to organize your (next) trip to Budapest. ;)

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