Best programs for the carnival season
Posted by Budnews · Jan 28, 2019

6 things to do in February if you wanna have fun.

The season after Christmas and before Lent is the most colorful and joyful time of the year. This is the official period of having fun with dozens of programs and costume parties. If you are here in Budapest, you can choose from a wide variety of styles.

The sporty one, February 4

What could be a better program than running off the extra pounds picked up during the winter? Carnival run in Csepel (21st district) is the perfect place for the first outdoor run of the year. Of course, it is allowed to complete the distances without costume, but running in pirate costume – for example - is something no one should miss. The event in numbers: no timing, 500m children's run, 2,500m for joggers, and 5 and 10K distances.

The colorful one February 16

The Hungarian Agricultural Museum has one of the best Carnival programs this year: a family event with lots of noise and joy. On this day at Vajdahunyadvár, the well-known figures of the Hungarian folk tradition, the stork, the bear and the goat figure came to frighten away winter. There will be costume contest and parade, craft activities, educational programs, animal quizzes and folk playhouse.

The one with music – February 17

The 100-member Gypsy Orchestra consist of the best Hungarian Gypsy Musicians and has become one of the most well-known Hungarian cultural exports, and they will perform a special carnival show on February 17. The breathtaking sound and performance of the band, its unrivaled virtuosity is a real miracle. The 100-member Gypsy Orchestra concerts feature a variety of styles of music from evergreen classics of gypsy music - a life-long experience guaranteed.

The one with kids, February 17

Carnival fun and costume competition will also be organized for kids at Campona Playhouse. Come in costume and win Campona Playhouse Entries! Special Dress Up For Parents, costume Competition, petting zoo and exotic animals from the Zoodom shop at 11 o'clock will also await visitors.

The traditional one, February 22

The winter “frightening” fire show in the 20th district will brush up our traditions: the so called „kiszebábu”, which is a straw doll that usually depicts a girl and is made by children. This is the original Hungarian way to chase away winter: kids make a puppet and various noise-generating tools, then go out to the square - headed by a drummer and a megaphone - as they yell rifles and rumble with noise-generating devices, hoods, whistles, drums. This year, this tradition is complemented by a spectacular fire show, which is also a tradition.

The gastro one February 23-34

3rd donut festival is exactly what its name suggest: two days in the spirit of donuts. In addition to sweet and savory donuts, mulled wine, chilled drinks, street food and many other delicacies are served. This year's main theme is tradition, so besides the new donut trends, the emphasis will be on classic donuts. There will be special tent for children, where they can learn how to make donuts and decorate them!

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