Iranian confectionery opened in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Jan 31, 2019

This unique place is sweet in every sense of the word.

The cuisine of almost every nation can be found in Budapest: Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, American, and we could list them all day long. But something was missing, however, we didn't even know about his gap until the first Iranian confectionary of the city opened its doors.

The owner, Mr Fereydun started his career in his home city, Tebriz, 30 years ago, than worked in Norway for 20 years after he was forced to leave Iran. After leaving the northern country, he came to Hungary, first to Győr, where one of his new friends suggested to try his luck in his original profession. That's how he got the small business, a novelty for everyone who doesn't know the Iranian desserts, and a little nostalgia and cozy feeling for the Iranian community in Budapest.

The confectionery is sweet in all aspects, which refers not only to cookies, but to the nature of the one-man business. If we want to describe these classic Iranian desserts in one word, it would be sweet, maybe even too sweet for the European taste. But that's why you can love it so much. Mr Fereydun makes for example latifeh – something like éclair, golden bamieh with yoghurt, egg and saffron, shirini nargili, which is a meringue-like coconut sweet, and of course, several type of baklava.

He is open every day, from morning to late evening, and prepares, organizes and selects cookies with heart and soul. The simpler, basic biscuits are available for HUF 3,500 / kg, while others are available for HUF 4,000 / kg.

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