The list of Brain Bar Budapest performers is complete: they are all participating in Europe's largest future festival
Posted by Budnews · Feb 4, 2019

The biggest European festival on the future awaits on 30-31 May.

Brain Bar Future Festival returns this year with its most colourful and exciting program on May 30-31. The Fifth Brain Bar Festival awaits with more than 50 exciting performers and more venues than ever before, as well as a career expo entitled Future Jobs. The professional program is complemented by musical and theatrical productions, illusionists and foodtruck parade.

At the two-day event, Budapest will host Frank Cooper, Global Marketing Manager for BlackRock, and former creative boss of BuzzFeed, Pepsi and the legendary Def Jam record company. Sherin Khankan also arrives to the festival, who is one of the first female imams of Europe and set the flag for Islam's total reform and the overthrow of extremists. Jack Horner palaeontologist, senior researcher at Jurassic Park, will also visit the Hungarian capital and talk about the possibilities of resurrecting dinosaurs. Cesar Hidalgo, Professor of MIT Media Lab is a world-renowned data scientist who researches the ability of companies and nations to learn.

Other guests everybody should pay attention to:

  • Bryony Cole, the host of the “Future of Sex” podcast
  • Kingsley Donaldson veteran soldier and security expert, author of the best-seller book “2020: World War”
  • Sára Fábián social entrepreneur, founder of Amigos for Children
  • Ethan Siegel theoretical astrophysicist, a colleague of NASA and Forbes
  • Claire Lehmann, editor-in-chief of Quillette magazine, the journal that publishes the world's most dangerous ideas
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