Where to go when the weather is cold? These are our favourite places to warm up
Posted by Budnews · Feb 7, 2019

3 tips to warm up during a winter sightseeing.

Although the weather is gracious now, but winter is not over yet. We’re pretty sure that in a few weeks, the real cold returns. Now we collected some life-saving program ideas, if the weather goes icy again.

Visit the beautiful spas of the city. Baths are something you shouldn’t miss here, in the Hungarian capital! Did you know that Budapest sits on a patchwork of almost 125 thermal springs?! ’Taking the waters’ has been a part of everyday life here, so if you want to „ do as the Romans do”, try the thermal water at Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas or Lukács bath or visit the hidden gemstone Veli Bej in the second district.

Visit one of the beautiful, classic coffee houses of the city. In Budapest there is a huge culture of the cafés and this whole world. 2 centuries ago all the young men were fond of these places: they read the latest newspaper, smoked cigarettes and there was a lively debate about public life. Fortunately, many of these coffee houses are still open these days and preserved this peacetime atmosphere. Try New York coffee house, the most famous café of Budapest, Centrál Coffee house, or Gerbeaud Confectionary.

Eat roasted chestnuts! A typical winter delicacy that warms up our hands, stomach and heart at once. Merchants wear the last century's clothing while roasting chestnuts on charcoal to make the time travel perfect and bring back our childhood a little bit. Yummy!

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