Polish vlogger girl learns to speak Hungarian
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 11, 2019

Olga was learning Hungarian at the university. Due to other obligations, she couldn’t finish her degree but she makes videos to practice and to make some progress all by herself – and her achievement is very impressive.

Olga is a Polish girl who is getting more and more popular online. Her YouTube channel helps us to learn more about Polish-Hungarian relations and about the friendship that exists between the two countries for centuries. She found the perfect balance: some of her videos are in Polish, to help spread information about Hungary and Hungarian culture among Polish people, while some of her videos are in Hungarian, to gain Hungarian viewers and to help with her language learning journey.


Olga was learning Hungarian at the university but due to other obligations, she couldn’t finish her degree, Femina.hu writes. Although she is working at the moment, she always finds some time to practice the language and make progress with it all by herself. She has even founded an online portal with some of her friends: their aim was to focus on programmes and events in Hungary as well as anything Hungary-related, all written in Polish. It seems that they started something important and interesting for the folks of the internet because their small editorial is now employing about fifty people.

She is a fan of Hungarian literature, films and music but Hungarian gastronomy is not her favourite. She admits that these treats have a nice taste but healthy eating is very important for her, that’s why she usually says no to greasy and fatty foods like for example Goulash or chicken paprikash.

She has been to Budapest several times, travelled also to smaller towns and used to work in a hostel, too, but living in Hungary is not a plan for her right now.

But anyway, we are quite happy to see someone who managed to learn our quite difficult language so well and for whom it is so important to make Polish-Hungarian friendship even stronger. ;)

For more videos, check out her YouTube channel:


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