Budapest has its first Tesla taxi
Posted by Budnews · Feb 27, 2019

The driver is a female rallycross driver, and everyone can sit in for a ride.

If we’re talking about taxis in Budapest, we mostly run into a Toyota Prius. Comfortable, quality cars with low costs, so taxi drivers prefer to choose this hybrid solution. Of course, there are also yellow-wrapped Audis and Mercedes, but a few days ago we ran into something that made our jaw dropped: there is a Tesla S taxi in Budapest, more specifically a Taxify car! You can imagine how big the surprise is when the app offers the luxury Tesla, so it's not surprising that there some people willing to wait longer to go with this special car.

The driver of the Tesla is also not average: Andrea Varga, a female rallycross driver, who takes the business alternately with her partner. In September, they invested in a used Tesla S at a price of „10-15 million forints”, because they calculated it will be still better in cost as they don’t have to spend on fuel and service. The most beautiful thing about this is that Tesla costs just as much as all the other cars ordered through Taxify: 700 Ft basic fee and 300 Ft/km or 75 Ft/min. As Taxify does not offer to choose car, Andrea has her Tesla Taxi Budapest Facebook page, where you can directly rent the car. They also do some special trips through their Facebook page, which are typically birthday rides or surprises, because Tesla is still a curiosity here.

Have you ever tried such a car?

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