10 things you shouldn't miss when you come to Budapest in the spring
Posted by Budnews · Mar 5, 2019

This is the time of the year when the city is the most beautiful and most loveable.

If you're coming in the next three months you should…

Visit ELTE's botanical garden and get lost in the beauty of the season. This is the time when nature is the most beautiful, so grab a blanket and escape from the world. If you are lucky enough and come to the city in April, you will see the most beautiful Sakura blooming you can imagine.

Try a city walk. There are several thematic sightseeing tours, where you can learn about the Castle hill, the history of downtown or the Jewish quarter, it depends only on you. The 2-3-hour long walks are much more interesting than a general one, and you can get to know the city from a unique point of view.

Visit Budapest Spring Festival which is one of the city’s and Hungary’s most significant cultural events. This almost one-month long festival offers everything you might wish: classical music, opera, jazz and folk music, world music, crossover, dance and theater performances.

Go on a hike to the highest point of Budapest! This is the 529-meter high János hill, and at the top of the hill there is Elisabeth Lookout tower since 1910, which offers a wonderful panorama of the whole city. If you don't like hiking, choose the chairlifts instead!

Try out the boat service. There are several touristic boats and ships on the Danube, but did you know that Budapest Transport Center has its own routes? Instead of taking the tram or bus, try out the Bkk boats: the city looks beautiful from the river.

Have a picnic! There are so many beautiful gardens in the city, and instead of just walking through one of them, lay on the grass and enjoy the first lights of the sun. Here you can be really part of the city's life, it is so relaxing to watch everyday life.

Drink your coffee or eat your lunch on the terrace of a restaurant. Many places opened their terraces already, and what could be better than enjoy your meal and the nature at the same time? Air is filled with happiness and spring-fragrance, and now you won't get cold in an hour or two.

Explore the city by bike! There is no better time to do so, than spring, when it's not too cold, not too hot and the whole world is beautiful. We have several bike renting system, so you can even choose from the providers. Downtown has so many things to see, that biking is probably the best option.

Visit VinCe, the biggest wine show of the city. The three-day event is showcasing the best domestic wine producers, visitors can enjoy a remarkable range of Hungarian wines, some superb wine and spirits from around the world, a wide array of gastronomic delights, and we can participate in more than 20 different masterclasses and workshops.

If you're here with children, discover the cartoon themed playgrounds of the city. There are many of these, mainly with Hungarian fairy tale characters. The kids will love Vuk, the fox, Rumini the mouse, Pompom, the tassel and the one from huge crayons.

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